July 26, 2019


いよいよ明日スタートするSOPHNET. & uniform experiment 2019-20 A/W COLLECTION

今シーズンは1999年11月2日にSOPH.最初のお店としてオープンした本店 "SOPH.TOKYO" が20周年を迎える記念すべきシーズン。

必然的にSOPH. 最初のお店はそんな "聖地" の近くにオープンしました。


20年前のオープン時と20年経った今の "SOPH.TOKYO"、内装はなにも変わっていません。

世の中の "老舗" といわれるお店に比べるとまだまだひよっ子かもしれません。
それでもお店の隅々には素材の経年変化だけではなく、日々のスタッフの働き、そしてなによりもこの20年間訪れて頂いたお客様により、なんとも言えない "味" が出てきています。
今シーズンは是非一度、言葉では伝えられない "味" を体感しに "SOPH.TOKYO" へお越しください。



SOPHNET. & Uniform experiment 2019-20 A / W COLLECTION start on tomorrow

"SOPH,TOKYO" will mark its 20th anniversary in this season which opened as the first SOPH. store on 2nd November 1999.

20 years ago, the SOPH. office was very near the national stadium as the japan soccer sanctuary.
We could hear supporters cheer from the stadium during we were on work.
So we decided the first opened in very end of harajuku,near such a "sacred place".

Only few stores around us and far from the station.
But so many customers came to store from all over the world.
Really appreciate it.

The store's interior has not changed since 20 years ago.
We just have been keeping to clean and daily job with all our heart.

We are only 20 years from the other stores that has a long history.
But we have our "original taste" by our daily work and customers from all over the world during past 20 years.

Come to "SOPH.TOKYO" to experience our "original taste" that can not be expressed in any words.

Not only SOPH.Tokyo but any SOPH.shops have the same concept of interior design, atmosphere,products and excellent hospitality.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.