F.C.Real Bristol 2020 S/S Presents "From Bristol to Glasgow"

March 19, 2020

F.C.Real Bristol 2020 S/S Presents "From Bristol to Glasgow"

F.C.Real Bristolとともに様々なフットボールシティを巡る"THE TOUR OF F.C.R.B."





This column visits around various football cities with F.C.Real Bristol.
We have visited Scotland, the part of Great Britain along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to spotlight the football culture in Glasgow, the biggest city of Scotland.

Probably the most famous part in Scotland is Edinburgh、the political capital and the world heritage fortress city. However, Glasgow is surely the cultural capital, which includes fashion, music and food. And of course, the pure football culture exists there without doubt.

However, it is not like England where many big clubs competing ruthlessly, Scottish Premier League is ruled by almost 2 clubs, one in green and other one in blue.
As both clubs have different religious backgrounds, The former is Catholic and the latter is Protestant, their world eminent derby match is known as "Old Firm" which is tinged with fierce excitement of those supporters . Both stadium have seating capacity of over 50000 and they are always sold out when home game is hold. You shall be amazed how football breathes deeply within the life of people in Glasgow, whose population is only 600,000.

We have also visited another Glaswegian football club, a rather small club which is competing for the relegation in the second league. Their colours are red and yellow. The capacity of their stadium seems only few thousands, and no tight security. So it was easy to sneak in as if it was the public training ground. But still, many enthusiastic local supporters gather here on the weekends and shouting towards the pitch with their unique scottish English. Elders and kids enjoy the game like they are playing in the local park. It was founded in 1876. This small club engraves its long history as same as two big clubs in the same city. This fact also proves the depth of football culture in Glasgow.