"F.C.Real Bristol × STANLEY" RELEASE on APRIL 7 (FRI)

April 4, 2023


F.C.Real Bristolより、ニューチームギアとして、<STANLEY>とのコラボレーションによるクーラーボックスと、ウォータージャグを発売します。


4/7(金)よりSOPH.shopSOPH.dealerにて、同日正午よりSOPH. ONLINE STOREにて発売。


F.C.Real Bristol will release a cooler box and a water jug as new team gear in collaboration with <STANLEY>.

The large capacity, reliable cold retention and durability, and the handle that fits in the hand make it easy to carry even when the contents are heavy. Both are specially finished with the F.C.R.B. logo on a black background.

Available at SOPH.shops, SOPH.dealers from 4/7(Fri), and SOPH. ONLINE STORE from 12:00pm(JST) on the same day.

*Please contact each store for details as the availability and sales method differ depending on the store.
*As for the mail order at SOPH.shops, it starts from 4/8(Sat).

STANLEY COOLER BOX : ¥19,800 (TAX INC) / W:42.5xH28.5xD32.5cm / 15.1L



STANLEY WATER JUG : ¥15,400 (TAX INC) / W29.7xH34.3xD29.7cm / 7.5L



*一部shopを除く)、SOPH. ONLINE STOREでは30,000円(税込)以上お買い上げで送料が無料となります。是非ともご利用くださいませ。

*At SOPH.shops(Except for a part of shop) and SOPH. ONLINE STORE, purchase over 30,000 yen (tax included), the shipping is free. Please use it by all means.