uniform experiment / REVERSIBLE MA-1 RELEASE on OCTOBER 23 (FRI)

October 20, 2020


MA-1とテーラードジャケットという、まったく異なるアイテムをドッキングし、それぞれ成立させたuniform experiment(=メンズクロージングの実験的プロジェクト)らしいギミックがきいたREVERSIBLE MA-1。





10/23(金)より、SOPH.shopSOPH.dealerにて、同日正午よりSOPH. ONLINE STOREにて発売。

This is a Reversible MA-1 with a gimmick of uniform experiment, made by docking completely different items such as MA-1 and tailored jacket.

Since it first appeared in the 2011-12AW collection, it has grown as one of the masterpieces that the brand is proud of, with repeated minor changes that keep up with the times such as the material, color and fitting.

This season, extra fine merino wool from the Italian high quality fabric maker Loro Piana is used on the tailored jacket side, and SOLOTEX taffeta is used on the MA-1 side.

In particular, Loro Piana extra fine merino wool used for the jacket has a glossy luster and smooth texture, and the fabric surface is lightly napped to ensure warmth and prevent wrinkles.

Available at SOPH.shops and SOPH.dealers from 10/23(Fri), and SOPH. ONLINE STORE from 12:00pm(JST) on 10/23(Fri).
*The availability varies stores, so please contact each store for details.
*As for the mail order at SOPH.shops, it starts from 10/26(Mon).

Please try this must-have item for this winter.

uniform experiment REVERSIBLE MA-1 (made from Loro Piana & SOLOTEX) : ¥110,000 + TAX